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Aardema, Jim
Strategic Management Arts, Inc., SMARTS

Mr. Aardema has decades of entrepreneurial experience in business formation, ramp-up, management, branding, communications and operations, including science and engineering, real estate redevelopment (brownfields), finance, materials supply, manufacturing, construction, public relations/media, and management consulting companies.

Mr. Aardema has led initiatives in market and operations analysis, branding/re-branding, restructuring, recruiting, rolling out and winding down companies and subordinate operations, programs and projects.  His work has included public, political and regulatory relations including press strategies and releases, presentations, negotiations, permitting, and media production.  Mr. Aardema has also participated in business capitalization at seed, venture capital, mezzanine, and corporate banking levels in due diligence, business planning and forecasting, investor presentations, and management.


Mr. Aardema co-founded Community Service Media, Inc. in 2004 as a public relations and integrated media agency producing community outreach campaigns, digital, and traditional media for public and private clients in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, and New Jersey.  Mr. Aardema has directed, managed, and worked on strategy, creative writing and media development, editing, production review and quality assurance for campaigns in television, radio, billboard, internet and print media.  Aardema has a special interest, talent, and experience in video creative, scripting, production, and post-production as a story-teller/writer, producer and director of enterprise, campaign, and commercial video.

Mr. Aardema founded Strategic Management Arts, Inc., SMARTS and Strategic Marketing Arts, Inc., SMARTS in 2008, and serves as President & CEO of both brands.   Strategic Marketing Arts is a full service traditional and digital media marketing agency serving commercial and civic clients.  Strategic Management Arts serves commercial and civic clients in agile strategy training, applied Strategic Doing, and leadership and communication skills.

Assistant Director, University Outreach & Engagement Partnerships
Michigan State University
New Jersey Institute of Technology