Using Strategic Doing to spur cluster development

Like attracts like. Success breeds success. Industry clusters are a boon to economic developers because of their magnetic effect on other businesses in the same sector, and the supply chain. But what do you do if you don’t happen to be fortunate to already have a biotech, food processing or aerospace corridor in your community? You build one, and Strategic Doing is uniquely suited for doing the kind of deep collaboration to develop a cluster.

Purdue Agile Strategy Lab director Ed Morrison recently had the opportunity to present this opportunity in a webinar hosted by GIS Planning.

Ed talks about how to build regional innovation clusters, spaces where companies that share a similar competitive space decide to form a network, develop a strategic agenda to address common issues, and make anchor investments. This includes:

  • Shifting the conversation towards collaboration
  • Protocol for quickly building networks
  • Developing a strategic, active agenda
  • Managing this complex strategy with simple rules
  • Identifying different stages that clusters move through

Check out the webinar below (click here if for any reason you can’t see it). Contact us to find out how to spur cluster development in your region.

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Liz Nilsen