The cure for strategic planning burnout is in New Mexico

Many of the people who attend our trainings are there out of desperation from too many strategic planning efforts that have taken months and resulted in little to no change. Ed Morrison has written about the shortcomings of strategic planning, which can be summed up as: it’s usually not very well-suited to the reality in which many organizations – and nearly all collaborations – find themselves.

The Purdue Agile Strategy Lab is headed to New Mexico next month to introduce participants to Strategic Doing and using agile strategy as another way to approach complex collaborative challenges. Based on the conversations we’ve had with our host, the Engineering New Mexico Resource Network at New Mexico State University, we’re confident that the gathering will be a vibrant one, with plenty of good conversation on how to approach big issues.

Join us August 16-18! Las Cruces is a short drive from El Paso and easy to get to. You’ll be among the first to get the brand new Practitioner’s Field Guide, with the very latest in what we’ve learned about agile strategy.

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Liz Nilsen