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A frequent question we get is about marketing workshops: how do you get people to that very first conversation? One of the tangible benefits of being part of the Strategic Doing network is learning how others are using the discipline and using that information to sharpen your own practice. (Almost) everything I’ve learned about Strategic Doing I’ve learned from fellow practitioners – like the discipline itself, learning is an iterative, experimental process.

And here’s “Exhibit A”:

This morning’s inbox brought a great reminder of the power of the Strategic Doing community.

In January I shared a video from Granite City (Illinois)’s James Amos, inviting his community to a Strategic Doing workshop. The video is simple, but it gets the message across and James’ enthusiasm shines through; more than 100 people attended the workshop. I shared the video with our next Strategic Doing 301: Leading Complex Collaborations training, at Howard University in March as a strategy for marketing their workshops. One of the participants, Sandy Mehalko, has taken James’ approach and turbo-charged it for a Maryland initiative called Frostburg Forward, with several community leaders participating in the video to invite their peers to a workshop. Sandy says: “We sent it to 60 people, and 30 have RSVP’d in the first two days.”

Take a look at the Frostburg video:

Our trainings include plenty of good ideas about every phase of the Strategic Doing cycle, including but not limited to marketing workshops. Most of those ideas come from the community. Want to be in the front row for the next great ideas about Strategic Doing? Or have you already attended, but have colleagues that are struggling with how to lead healthy, effective collaborative efforts? We have two trainings coming up quickly: one in Montana (August 14-16) and another in New Mexico (August 16-18). Come join us!


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