Flint Continues to Innovate: Hugs for Unity

For over five years, neighborhood leaders in Flint, Michigan have been developing new approaches to rebuilding their communities using Strategic Doing. Below, you can see a video we completed several years ago with the Flint core team.

The Flint team continues to expand their networks and model new approaches to rebuilding disinvested communities. To capture these lessons and begin to spread them to other communities,  neighborhoods and cities, we will be conducting a special Stratgic Doing training in Flint July 18-20.

In this training, we will explore the deeper lessons — the new skills — required for civic leaders.

Flint is an excellent testbed for these ideas. The most trained Strategic Doing practitioners on the planet are in Flint, and the team there continues to come up with unique projects that build on their available assets. Their latest: Hugs for Unity.

From the local press at the event:

Hugs for Unity is a pop-up program of [Neighbors Without Borders] to heighten awareness at community events that we are all neighbors deserving of respect….and hugs. Other programs offered by the group to reduce racism and rebuild community in Flint are monthly discussions on topics related to racism at the Flint Public Library and “Ask an American,” in schools giving students an opportunity to safely and comfortably ask questions of individuals of different cultures, faiths, and races to enhance understanding.

You can read more here.

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