Strategic Doing Moves on to Main Street

Darrin Wasniewski made a presentation io about 100 Main Street professionals.

We are building an international network of practitioners skilled in the disciplines of agile strategy and collaborative leadership.

Built on the frameworks of Strategic Doing, this network is expanding into new areas such as health care, community development, and ecosystem development for innovation and entrepreneurship. One member of this international network, Darrin Wasniewski, introduced Strategic Doing to about 100 practitioners at the 2018 Main Street Now Conference.

Darrin leads the Main Street program for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

Darrin’s talk introduced his audience to “Community Engagement through Agile Strategy”.

In an upcoming presentation, Kim Mitchell ind Scott Hutcheson will be introducing  Strategic Doing to the American Planning Association in their annual conference in New Orleans. You can learn more about this presentation here.

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