Accelerating Collaboration in Puerto Rico

Liz Nilsen and Ubaldo Cordova collaborated to create a powerful learning experience over the last week in Puerto Rico. Liz started by assembling a  six-member Strategic Doing faculty team.  The team included Rena Cotsones and Marco Lenis from Northern Illinois University; Janet Holsten from the University of North Carolina; Michon Hicks  from the Department of Employment Services in the District of Columbia. Ed Morrison and Liz from Purdue rounded out the team.

The graduates of our first Strategic Doing 301 class in Puerto Rico

For his first steps, Ubaldo lined up the support of the Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust. He also recruited about 40 professionals to take the 2 1/2 day training. From April 5-7,  these professionals went through our Strategic Doing 301 training. As a concluding exercise in our training, we jointly designed a one day workshop for about 70 civic leaders from across the island.

Then, a subset of our graduates served as table guides for the workshop on Monday, April 9.  We designed the workshop around six strategic focus areas: economic development, community development, innovation, entrepreneurship, education and recovery. In a six-hour session that stretched from 9 AM to 3 PM, the civic leaders designed seven nine complex collaborations, each with their own Strategic Action Plan.  We will continue to work with our team in Puerto Rico to support their new collaborations as they spread the discipline and skills of Strategic Doing.

Table Guides assess the success of their workshop on Monday, April 10.


Our work in Puerto Rico demonstrates how Strategic Doing can be quickly replicated and scaled.


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