Strategic Doing Training in The Netherlands

From April 23-25, we conducted our 2 1/2 day Strategic Doing training and The Hague. Fourteen professionals joined us, including four representatives from the library system in The Netherlands and three people who flew in from Beijing. We are conducting our training in The Netherlands with our partner Human Insight. We continue to integrate our work in agile strategy and teams.

Our colleagues from the library system are interested in Strategic Doing to accelerate the formation of collaborations across the library system. Here’s an example: the library partners with the railway system and a leading university to provide continuing education opportunities for commuters. If you go to the airport in Amsterdam, you’ll see another example. There, the library has a section of the airport where passengers can find a quiet, comfortable area in which to read.

Our colleagues from Beijing are working on a high school  spin out from the famous Tsinghua University.  They are looking to integrate Strategic Doing into that high school curriculum.  This development parallels our work with the Purdue Polytechnic High School, where we are working with faculty to integrate the skills of collaboration into the high school curriculum.

You can see a collage from our training here.

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