Our Upcoming Training Schedule

With the growth of Strategic Doing worldwide, we are adding new training sessions each month.Here is our summer and fall schedule. Keep checking back though. We are adding sessions continuously.

These sessions are two half days of experiential learning. You’ll come away with the deeper understanding of the underlying structure of collaborative conversations. You will have the skills to design guide your own collaborations by following simple rules. And you will be on the path to becoming a certified workshop leader in Strategic Doing.We call this training, Strategic Doing 301. (Strategic Doing 101 is a half day training and Strategic Doing 201 is a full day training.)

  • The training is ideally suited to anyone interested in developing the skills to lead complex collaborations and to innovate in open, loosely connected networks.
  • Participants in Strategic Doing 301 come from companies, universities, cluster organizations and innovation districts, nonprofit organizations, health care networks, workforce and economic development organizations, and local government.
  • The course has inspired hundreds of collaborative initiatives for communities, regions, businesses, health systems, government agencies, and universities. These initiatives accelerate innovation across organizational and political boundaries. Some examples of Strategic Doing in action:
    • Creating innovation districts, clusters, and innovation ecosystems;
    • Rebuilding inner city neighborhoods;
    • Accelerating complex corporate strategy execution;
    • Designing workforce collaborations;
    • Transforming undergraduate engineering education;
    • Promoting innovation across government agencies.
  • Throughout the 2.5 days, participants take part in a simulation called “The Strategic Doing Game.” Time spent in the simulation is interspersed with theory, practice, tools and frameworks.

Our current workshop schedule:

  • Indianapolis: July 18-20
  • Flint: July 18-20
  • Toronto: July 23-25
  • Omaha: September 12-14
  • St Johns, Newfoundland: Oct 29-31
  • Florence, AL: Nov 7-9
  • The Hague, The Netherlands: Nov 14-16
  • Purdue: Nov 26-26.

Questions? Please contact us at info@strategicdoing.net.


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