Mississippi State University becomes a Strategic Doing affiliate

We’re excited to announce the newest Strategic Doing affiliate: Mississippi State University. The Stennis Institute hosts the Strategic Doing activity at the university. Founded in 1976, the Stennis Institute works alongside local, regional, and state leaders to help build stronger, more resilient communities and regions. The Institute’s work enhances the capacity of state and local leaders to address complex challenges; their efforts inclue public service, training, and applied research. The Stennis Institute’s Strategic Doing work focuses on rural communities, non-profit organizations, and regional agencies.

Affiliates are universities with a corps of skilled Strategic Do-ers who are using the discipline both within the institution and in the surrounding community/region. Each has at least three approved Strategic Doing “faculty” who can teach the 2.5 day training as well as coach and advise in using Strategic Doing. At Mississippi State, the teaching corps will include Joe Fratesi, Jeremy Murdock, and Janyce Fadden. If you’d like to work with this talented team to help your organization meet its strategic goals, email Joe.

We’re working to build a network of affiliates throughout North America and beyond. Is your institution interested in becoming an affiliate? Contact us to find out more.

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Liz Nilsen