The book countdown is on…one week!

After many, many emails from people asking “when can I get the book?” today marks an official milestone of sorts…we’ll officially begin encouraging pre-orders one week from today. Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership will give Strategic Doing a much broader platform to help people understand how they can confront complex challenges in their organizations, companies, communities, or regions.

The book started as a “Big Easy” at the Strategic Doing core team’s meeting in September 2017, as we considered the question, “Imagine Strategic Doing was part of the standard ‘curriculum’ for people learning about strategy…what would that look like?” It’s certainly “big,” and because of the great network of Do-ers all over the world, we felt it met the “easy” criterion as well.

If you’re on our email list for newsletters and such, you’ll be getting information about pre-ordering, including some great “bonus content” as a thank you. If you’re not yet on the list, it’s easy to sign up.

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Liz Nilsen