Resources for the Systems Innovation Webinar

We had a wonderful session today discussing Strategic Doing and Systems Innovation.  You can review the webinar here.

Also, here are some additio0nal resources that you might find helpful.

  • Human Insight web site is here.
  • Explainer video on cognitive diversity and AEM Cube is here
  • A paper on the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Muscle Shoals, AL is here. This paper explores how we have used some of the concepts presented in the webinar to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Agility and the S-Curve is here.
  • Briefing about what strategy is and isn’t is here.
  • Strategic Doing testimonials are here.
  • Platform design within a research university is here.
  • The Strategic Doing LinkedIn group is here.
  • The Strategic Doing Facebook page is here.
  • The Agile Strategy Lab web site is here.
  • A summary of our book and endorsements is here.

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