Deploying Strategic Doing in a Large Company

In about ten days, we will be conducting a two-hour presentation with a large manufacturer. They have asked us to explain Strategic Doing and how this new strategy discipline can be deployed across their organization. In our experience, two situations arise in which Strategic Doing can provide immediate value.

First, managers face a wicked problem that cannot be easily resolved using traditional management methods. Typically, silos prevent progress. Strategic Doing provides the protocol to overcome these obstacles (e.g., a chemical company trying to improve equipment reliability).

In a second situation, opportunities arise from engaging outside partners in an “open innovation” process. Strategic Doing provides a simple, clear process to manage open innovation initiatives, (e.g., a defense contractor developing a technology roadmap for DoD).

To design this approach, we applied innovation diffusion theory. (If you would like to learn more about this approach, here is an excellent article. http://bit.ly/3cGkdWg)

Adopting more agile forms of strategy depends on learning new skills and developing a shared discipline across the organization. We wrote a book to introduce you to these skills. You can purchase it at your favorite bookseller.


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