A Must-Read Book for CIOs

Who knew? We wrote one of the 10 Must-Read Books on Collaboration for CIO’s and IT professionals. This recognition is important to us. Red Hat, a division of IBM, compiled the list. 

Strategic Doing BookThe digital transformation of business is not a pure technology play. It requires scalable learning. It is a recursive process of continuous experimentation: an endless series of collaborative projects touching all dimensions of the organization.

To manage this process, we need an open-source operating system….a common language to connect people across all units of the enterprise. This operating system must be both rigorous and simple. We have to scale it through short course education and training.

That’s what Strategic Doing provides.

After John Morley of HItachi Vantara went through our master class, he wrote to us: “Strategic Doing is the most compelling framework I have seen in a very long time… Nothing I’ve learned works to bring together a broadside of constituencies like Strategic Doing.’

Over 25 years ago, I started this journey with a deceptively simple question: “How can we do complex work together, when no one can tell anyone else what to do?” Luckily, I had lunch with a physicist in 1992. He set me on the right course.

The backstory is in the book: http://bit.ly/2Kkwk19

List is here: https://red.ht/2xeCIAW

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