Strategic Doing in the Age of Social Distancing

If you’ve been to a Strategic Doing workshop, you know that the participants sit at tables in groups of 5-8 or so and have an extended conversation over the course of about 3 hours. When everyone walks out the room, they do so with a clear strategic outcome with measurable characteristics, a task to complete, and an already-scheduled conversation in 30 days’ time. Those conventions have been honed over the past two decades or so. What happens when we can’t do that?

More than 40 practitioners gathered for our first-ever “Third Thursday” on April 16, for an active discussion of what Strategic Doing could look like in these new and unexpected times in which we find ourselves. If you’re a practitioner yourself (that is, you’ve attended the 2.5 day training), you can find the recording in the resource library. We’ll be harvesting some ideas from the conversation in the days to come. Topics included the mundane (which technology tools worked best and helpful tips for their use) to the idea of how Strategic Doing itself could be used to help communities emerge from the pandemic crisis. Stay tuned for more from this great conversation, and practitioners, mark your calendars for our next session on May 14 – you’ll be hearing more from us via email about the topics and how to connect.

Not a practitioner? We wish we could tell you to get registered for a training right now – although there are a few for late in 2020. We are working on a set of rescheduled sessions – with the first probably in July. Stay healthy and we’ll see you soon.

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Liz Nilsen