Big Changes to Certification

Our very first Strategic Doing training was in January of 2012 – 19 people gathered at Purdue University to hear more about a new way to help groups focus on strategic, measurable outcomes and move into action immediately.

A few years later, we introduced the idea of Strategic Doing workshop leader certification – providing practitioners (those that had completed the 2.5 day training) with a way to demonstrate their new skills. Of course, there weren’t that many certified people, because there wasn’t a big pool of practitioners! We created customized certification processes for each person who wanted to pursue it. Then, just a few years ago, we moved to a more standardized process, but with one-on-one coaching for each practitioner.

There are now more than 1,200 practitioners – all over the world. We’ll have our 100th 2.5 day training in the next few months (social distancing guidelines allowing!) – something wee never imagined in 2012, but that we’ve achieved by training a large cadre of instructors, called Fellows (there are now 14, with 16 more in the Fellow “pipeline”). And now, as with the course itself, it’s time for us to think creatively about certification – we just can’t keep up with all of the people who want to get certified. It’s a great problem to have.

In January, the Strategic Doing core team took on this challenge, asking “What could we do? As you’ve seen in your own work, when you ask that question, very surprising opportunities often present themselves. That’s very much been the case with this challenge, and today we’re announcing something brand new: our very first online course, a separate learning experience for practitioners who have taken the 2.5 day training and want to cement their new skills with the support of experienced guides as well as a supportive group of peers.

If you’re a practitioner, you’ll be getting more information about this new opportunity via email. Registration information will be here. And if you’re thinking of signing up for a training (as soon as we’re able to do those again!), we think this will provide significant extra value.

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Liz Nilsen