A Bumper Crop of New Certified Workshop Leaders

In January, the Strategic Doing core team decided to move certification to an online course. We pivoted from working with individuals one at a time – a strategy that we’ve outgrown with the number of practitioners seeking certification. (What is a certified Strategic Doing workshop leader? Here’s a summary.)

In April, an intrepid group of new practitioners volunteered to serve as a pilot group. Meanwhile, the Strategic Doing team learned the ins and outs of Canvas, a learning management system that gives participants a robust learning experience. Over the course of 10 weeks, the pilot-eers proposed, planned, carried out, and followed up from a Strategic Doing workshop. They shared with one another lessons learned – both things they were glad they did and a few they regretted. Course instructors Liz Nilsen and Ed Morrison cheered them on. As the pilot group, they graciously provided feedback so that the course will be an even stronger experience for future participants.

We couldn’t have known that their task would be made even harder by the pandemic, but they carried on, hosting virtual workshops in most cases. Kudos to all!

10 participants have completed the course requirements and have been certified. Welcome to this new group of dedicated and skilled Strategic Doing workshop leaders:

  • Jessie Baginski, Leadership Lake County (Ohio)
  • Jessica Brassard, Michigan Tech
  • Beth Frey, The Ohio State University
  • Judy Johnson, Washington County Community Foundation
  • Travis Kraus, University of Iowa
  • Meris Longmeier, The Ohio State University
  • Emily Oilar, The Ohio State University
  • Michelle Sabick, St. Louis University
  • Shellie Sanford, St. Louis University
  • Briana Tucker, Michigan Tech

Watch for them our directory of certified workshop leaders. Want to join them? The next class starts August 17!

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