Third Thursday re-cap: how do plans get executed – or not?

Menti survey from callThe Strategic Doing community’s conversation at yesterday’s Third Thursday was full of good ideas. We focused on “strategic action plans” – the deliverable from a Strategic Doing workshop. If you’ve been to a Strategic Doing training or presentation, you’ve probably heard us quote a McKinsey study. 70% of strategic plans fail. The strategic action plan is the tool we use to avoid being part of that 70%. Does it work? Well, our very informal survey at the beginning of the session provides a clue. The SD community is “doing differently” – the execution rate is about 65%.

On our call, newly certified Strategic Doing workshop leaders Emily Oilar (Ohio State) and Michelle Sabick (St. Louis University) presented their work on the call.  Strategic action plans have been an important part of that work. Both had initial workshops in June (as part of their certification course) and their teams have hit the ground running. They’re already growing their networks and getting their Pathfinders off the ground. Emily’s work focuses on an arts space. The pandemic presented the faculty involved with a significant engagement challenge. In response, they launched a multi-pronged approach. Michelle’s efforts center on what call “a group where no one can tell anyone else what to do.” It’s a leadership network focusing on maximizing St. Louis’ position as a technology innovation leader. Often leadership groups are all about talk but no action. Under Michelle’s guidance, a number of work groups are tackling different aspects of the challenge. A core team keeps the effort coordinated.

Third Thursdays are open to all – join us in September when we go “back to school.” We’ll talk about ways to improve (or even get started with) your Strategic Doing practice.

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