Creating what’s next: the future for agriculture in New Mexico

Just because the future is uncertain is no reason to put off thinking about it – in fact, it makes it even more imperative. One of the strengths of Strategic Doing is its ability to accommodate uncertainty. Unlike strategic planning, you’re not trying to use past performance data, and you’re not making plans for the next five years – both common pitfalls in traditional Strategic Doing.

As with many states, agriculture is an important part of New Mexico’s economy. Strategic Doing Fellow Lauren Goldstein of New Mexico State University has been using SD to guide a conversation about the “agrifuture” – in this case, small-scale agriculture.  Here’s the framing question:

Imagine the Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque and New Mexico State University leveraged existing agricultural relationships to build an expanded, strategic partnership–what does that look like?

Six working groups launched at the initial workshop, bringing together a diverse range of participating organizations. The mayor’s verdict on the experience shows the impact of using Strategic Doing to have challenging conversations:

“The Aligning Our AgriFuture project made an immediate impact on how we actively implement our longterm strategies for sustainable agriculture in the Village. We’ve reached goals and flown past milestones because the collaboration lets us move at the speed of trust.” -Donald T. Lopez, Mayor of Los Ranchos and NMSU College of Engineering Alumni

Read more about the project, and if you’d like to quiz Lauren about the project, find her in the Strategic Doing network directory.

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