Digital credentials – what’s the big deal?

Have you heard about our new digital credentials? Strategic Doing is a learned discipline – even those that have been at it for years (including Ed Morrison, who originally developed SD) keep finding new ways to help others participate in this new way of “doing more together.” Even so, if you’ve been to a Strategic Doing training, we want you to have an easy way to tell others about what you’ve learned – even if there’s (usually) no official “graduation ceremony.”

Enter the “digital credential.” Sometimes called a badge, a credential is a way to communicate that you’ve acquired expertise in an area. There’s a graphic representation, but it goes far beyond that – it’s backed by a verification system that explains exactly how the credential was earned, and what knowledge, skills or competencies the person holding the badge can demonstrate. For example, the digital credential for certified Strategic Doing workshop leaders (CWLs) is linked to a page that describes the certification course the CWL has completed as well as the specific competencies (related to the 10 Rules).

What can a CWL do with the digital credential? Here are a few ideas:

  • include it under certifications on LinkedIn
  • embed it into an online CV or resume
  • make it part of a website describing your organization’s capabilities
  • post, tweet, or otherwise trumpet the news on social media

We’ve just rolled out our first digital credential, for CWL’s, powered by Badgr, a leader in digital badges and micro-credentials. On the way is another for anyone that’s completed the 2.5 day training. And at the Agile Strategy Lab at UNA, completing the online course 10 Skills for Agile Leadership (based on the Strategic Doing book) will also entitle the learner to a digital credential.

Want to get your very own digital credential? Check out the calendar for upcoming trainings.


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