Handling Wicked Problems

Over 15 years at Purdue, we ran #strategicdoing through some pretty wicked test beds. And, as our colleague from the Netherlands told us (after running his own experiments), “It just works.” Now Reinder Schonewille and his partners conduct #strategicdoing workshops in Dutch.

Our work on wicked problems continues…

  •  Scott Hutcheson and Purdue Healthcare Advisors are tackling the wicked problems of opioid addiction.
  • With Ubaldo M. Córdova-Figueroa, VP at U. Puerto Rico, we are conducting #strategicdoing workshops in Spanish to help Puerto Rico recover.
  • With Sebastian Hamers, MSc and Human Insight in The Hague we develop cognitively diverse teams to tackle wicked problems.
  • Our colleagues at the U. Oregon, Mississippi State, and Indiana University are confronting the wicked problems in our rural economies.
  • Practitioners at NIH and Stats New Zealand are exploring how to increase innovation speed in large government bureaucracies.

With the support of Greg Carnes, entrepreneurial dean of the College of Business at UNA, we have moved all our training online with a best-in-class learning platform.

Watch a video to learn how we tackle wicked: http://bit.ly/3kGjybx

Got a wicked problem? Connect with us to explore the possibilities.



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