Are you ready for the future? It’s here.

Are we ready for the future? Maybe we better be. Our Third Thursday series continues to be a source of great conversation and food for thought long after. Last week (after a light-hearted word cloud exercise on the promised inventions of the future that still aren’t here!), we welcomed futurist Rebecca Ryan to the discussion. We often find ourselves in conversations with people or groups that have worked with Rebecca or heard her and are hoping that Strategic Doing would be a tool to use in conjunction with her Strategic Foresight approach. The two are very complementary – Rebecca’s work focuses on helping groups closely study signals in the environment that are clues to what might be coming, so that they can align their efforts to a future they want – to take the initiative to shape the future rather then just letting it happen. As that alignment work helps their desired future come into better focus, Strategic Doing can provide an ongoing framework for implementation. The “hinge point” that draws these together is the framing question – the appreciative query that helps groups see what is possible and move toward it. Rebecca (a former professional basketball player) encouraged us to ask bigger, better questions – while acknowledging that the past year has been tremendously difficult, it’s time to “tie our shoes and get back on the court.” In other words, whether we’re ready for the future or not, it’s ready for us.

As is often the case, we’ve turned part of the conversation into a podcast episode with the Agile Strategy Lab. Take a listen. There was much more to our time together, and we’ll be creating a second episode in the coming weeks.

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Liz Nilsen