A mini-makeover for the site – what to know

You may have noticed a mini-makeover for the site – just unveiled to the world yesterday. No, we haven’t gotten on the bandwagon for the latest Korean beauty products (including slugs). We last updated when the Strategic Doing book was published which was now two years ago (which somehow feels like both yesterday and last century simultaneously). It wasn’t that long ago that the site was, well, kind of primitive – we’re grateful that people visited anyhow! (remember the (bad) old days when we shared resources via Smartsheet?). Over time, we’ve been able to add more functionality, and the resource libraries in particular have grown substantially – including one that’s completely open to everyone, with items about Strategic Doing in action, research articles, and interesting bits about some of the theories that underline the discipline (by the way, if you want a regular update on what’s new in all of the libraries, come to the Third Thursday gathering, where that’s the coda to an always-interesting presentation on a topic of interest to the community. Sign up for the newsletter to get the Third Thursday announcements, or check the calendar). But now, it’s time for a website refresh.

We’ve given the homepage a bit of a redo, based on what we’ve observed people looking for when they visit. But if you’re a frequent visitor, you may feel a bit disoriented. Here’s the big changes:

  • The login for practitioners (those who have attended a 2.5 day Strategic Doing training or online equivalent) is no longer on the main page. Instead, there’s a link in the top menu to take you there.
  • The blog posts – like the one you’re reading – have moved up so you can see at a glance what’s new.
  • There’s now a search function for the site! See the box at the bottom.

Like every site and blog, the quest to keep content current and engaging is a never-ending one – another website refresh is undoubtedly over the horizon. If there’s something you think would be of interest to the Strategic Doing community, tell us.

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