Civic conversations: can we stop shouting?

The last few years have given us plenty of bad habits to break, but one of the most vexing questions facing us now might be, can we stop shouting at one another? Can we re-learn the ability to have thoughtful civic conversations with one another? In Strategic Doing, we use the word “civility” to describe the environment we need to cultivate, and yet most Americans report feeling that we’re in the midst of an epidemic of incivility that’s infected not just politics, but plenty of other spheres as well (and the issue goes beyond the US borders as well). Our next Third Thursday event tackles this “wicked problem” from several perspectives. Brief presentations from an elected official, a “civil servant,” and the leader of a community leadership program will open the time, followed by what’s undoubtedly going to be a vibrant Q&A period.

Third Thursdays are open to anyone, whether or not they’ve ever even heard of Strategic Doing – so feel free to invite colleagues. Each person does need to register individually ahead of time, however. Come be part of the discussion as we tackle the need to recover the art of civic conversations.

Photo credit: Paul Gorbould on Flickr.

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Liz Nilsen