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Strategic Doing: 10 Skills for Agile Leadership

Complex challenges are all around us - they impact our companies, our communities, and our planet. This complexity and the emergence of networks is changing the practice of strategic management. Today’s leaders need to understand how to design and guide complex collaborations to accelerate innovation and change - collaborations that cross boundaries both inside and outside organizations.

This book will introduce you to the new disciplines of agile strategy and collaborative leadership. Learn how to navigate an unpredictable future through the fast and agile development of complex collaborations, using a set of ten practical skills. Your guides - a team of five skilled Strategic Doing practitioners (who also teach others to use the approach) - will show you the keys to getting things done in difficult situations – when people need to work together, when no one person is “in charge,” or when the challenge defies easy solutions.

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  • E-Booklet: 10 Ways to Use Strategic Doing Now
  • Template you can use to keep your team on track

Sneak Peek

Chapter from the accompanying workbook, due later in 2019

“Fireside Chat”

Invitation to a private webinar-style conversation post-publication with the authors

Enhanced Understanding

Exclusive whitepaper covering key research findings that underlie Strategic Doing’s effectiveness

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The Authors

Meet the authors!

Meaningful, effective collaboration is the theme of Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership - collaboration no less true of the book's creation as well. A team of experienced Strategic Doing practitioners and teachers from around the US worked together to craft the book.

The authors are available for speaking or training engagements.

Praise for Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership