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The University of Oregon’s Institute for Policy Research & Engagement and the Strategic Doing Institute invite you to join us for the 2021 Strategic Doing Practitioners Conference (#sdpc2021). Register now!

In Brief

Every year, practitioners gather to advance Strategic Doing, an open-source "operating system" for collaborations, networks, and ecosystems. This year, coming out of the pandemic, we explore how Strategic Doing can accelerate the transformation of our organizations, communities, and economies.

Join us to learn what's happening on the leading edge of these transformations. Follow the conference and stay connected using #sdpc2021 and #strategicdoing on social media.

Registration Note

We are accepting registrations up until the conference starts! If you register over the weekend or Monday morning, please note that you will receive conference access information about 30 minutes before the conference officially begins on Monday, August 2 at 8:00am Pacific Time. Keep an eye out in your email for that information!

If you think you've registered and have not received conference access information from Aniko Drlik-Muehleck (, please email her.

Who Should Attend and Why

The conference covers the latest advances in Strategic Doing, while also providing a meeting place to develop connections, learning networks, and new partnerships. Strategic Doing is an open-source discipline for addressing wicked problems through collaboration. At the conference, you will hear from practitioners and researchers on the front line of this new discipline.

The conference is designed for professionals addressing "wicked problems" through collaboration and networks.

Program at a Glance

We've got a wonderful program planned for the 2021 Practitioners Conference. See the Full Conference Agenda for a day-by-day breakdown with session detail. Below you'll find a preview of the sessions for each day.

August 1 - Day 0

Session 1: Strategic Doing in a Nutshell10:00-11:00am Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Ed Morrison

August 2 - Day 1  |  8am - 11am Pacific

Session 1: Welcome, Introduction, and Conference Overview  |  8:00-8:45am Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Adrian Parr, Rich Margerum

Session 2: Strategic Doing: Where We Stand & Where We're Going  |  9:00-9:30am Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Ed Morrison

Session 3: Keynote - John Hagel on The Journey Beyond Fear 9:30-10:45am Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Ed MorrisonJohn Hagel

Day 1 Wrap-Up 10:45-11:00am Pacific Time

August 3 - Day 2  |  7am - 10am & 12pm - 3pm Pacific

Session 1: Research & Evaluation in Strategic Doing: Practitioner Perspectives 7:00-8:30am Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Bob ParkerCarr Biggerstaff, Doug Barrett, Scott Hutcheson

Session 2: Confronting Complexity: Preparing Ourselves Through Practice  8:45-10:00am Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Steve HartWayne Tarken

Long Break  10:00am -12:00pm Pacific Time

Session 3: Keynote - Jonathan Salk & David Wilk on A New Reality  12:00-1:00pm Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Jonathan SalkDavid Wilk

Session 4: Broadening Our Reach: Insights from Practice  1:15-2:45pm Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Bijou L'ambassadeur, Bob BrownJosh BruceKenyetta Dotson, Tracy Jon Sargent

Day 2 Wrap-Up  |  2:45-3:00pm Pacific Time

August 4 - Day 3  |  7am - 10am & 12pm - 3pm Pacific

Session 1: Strategic Doing, Dynamic Evaluation, and Collaboration Science  7:00-8:30am Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Rich Margerum, Scott Dempwolf, Sebastian Hamers

Session 2a: Accelerating University Research Teams 8:45-10:00am Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Jeff Agnoli

Session 2b: Effectual Innovation: Bringing Innovation to Large Organizations 8:45-10:00am Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Paidi O'Reilly

Session 2c: Moving to Collective Action on Climate Change: Growing Greener Communities  8:45-10:00am Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Mick SmyerKim Mitchell

Session 2d: Rebuilding Manufacturing Commons in Regional Economies  8:45-10:00am Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Brad Beach

Session 2e: What Are We Learning in Rural Economies with Strategic Doing?  8:45-10:00am Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Jane RoganKevin Heanue, Margo Fliss, Titus Tomlinson

Session 2f: An Andy Stoll Interview: Ecosystem Builders in Alberta, Calgary, and Iowa City 10:00-11:15am Pacific Time (note - different time than other breakout sessions)  |  Speaker(s): Andy Stoll, Carla Otto, Terry Rock, Tom Banta

Long Break 10:00am -12:00pm Pacific Time

Session 3: Keynote - Conversation with Ecuador's Minister of Production & Trade, Julio José Prado  12:00-1:00pm Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Julio José PradoEd Morrison

Session 4: Hands-On Workshop: Creating a Strategy for Intentional Participation in your Process  1:15-2:45pm Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Monique G. LópezAniko Drlik-Muehleck

Day 3 Wrap-Up  2:45-3:00pm Pacific Time

August 5 - Day 4  |  8am - 11am Pacific

Session 1: Overview: Building Strategic Doing Learning Networks  8:00-8:15am Pacific Time  |  Speaker(s): Ed Morrison

Session 2: Learning Network Strategy Workshop - Part 1 8:15-9:15am Pacific Time

Session 3: Learning Network Strategy Workshop - Part 2  9:30-10:45am Pacific Time

Day 4 Wrap-Up  10:45-11:00am Pacific Time

Registration and a Word About Pricing

We can't wait to see you! Please register here anytime before the conference begins. We will email the conference link during the last week of July to registered participants. We will accept registrations up until the start of the conference.

We offer two different price levels: $150 and $225. If you are planning to attend most sessions, and you have an available budget, please choose the $225 level.

If you are either constrained by your budget or only plan to attend one or two days, choose the $150 level.

If you still cannot afford to attend but would like to, please contact Julie Foster ( We have a limited number of discounted registrations available.

Please contact Aniko Drlik-Muehleck with questions: