The University of North Alabama and the Strategic Doing Institute invite you to join us for the 2022 Strategic Doing Practitioners Conference (#sdpc2022). Register now!

In Brief

Every year, practitioners gather to advance Strategic Doing, an open-source "operating system" for collaborations, networks, and ecosystems. This year, we explore how Strategic Doing can accelerate the transformation of our organizations, communities, and economies through empowering our citizens.  How we can use Strategic Doing to change how citizens view their role.

Join us to learn what's happening on the leading edge of these transformations. Follow the conference and stay connected using #sdpc2022 and #strategicdoing on social media.

Registration Note

We are accepting registrations up until the conference starts! If you register over the weekend or Monday morning, please note that you will receive conference access information about 30 minutes before the conference officially begins on Monday, August 1 at 8:00am Pacific Time. Keep an eye out in your email for that information!

If you think you've registered and have not received conference access information from Hannah Thompson (, please email her.

Who Should Attend and Why

The conference covers the latest advances in Strategic Doing, while also providing a meeting place to develop connections, learning networks, and new partnerships. Strategic Doing is an open-source discipline for addressing wicked problems through collaboration. At the conference, you will hear from practitioners and researchers on the front line of this new discipline.

The conference is designed for professionals addressing "wicked problems" through collaboration and networks.

Program at a Glance

We've got a wonderful program planned for the 2022 Practitioners Conference. See the Full Conference Agenda for a day-by-day breakdown with session detail. Below you'll find a preview of the sessions for each day.

July 31 - Day 0 |  1pm - 2pm Eastern

Introduction and overview of the conference.

August 1 - Day 1  |  11am - 4pm Eastern

Strategic Doing provides a discipline that can be applied by individuals, teams, and ecosystem builders. In the past year, we have seen advances in all three focus areas. We will share how individuals, organizations, universities, regions, and the country of Ecuador are using Strategic Doing to accelerate recombinant innovation. We will also review the professional path you can follow to develop your skills as a practitioner. A group of Strategic Doing Fellows will share their experience of learning how to teach the discipline.

August 2 - Day 2  |  9:45am - 6:15pm Eastern

Practitioners are integrating Strategic Doing with other tools and platforms, everything from design thinking and  Mural boards to cognitive diversity platforms and social network analysis. We'll explore some of the most promising integrations we are using. We will explore how practitioners can collaborate with researchers to advance our scholarly knowledge. Finally, we will review the latest advances in curriculum development for Strategic Doing.

August 3 - Day 3  |  10am - 5pm Eastern

Strategic Doing practitioners are accomplishing are taking on some difficult challenges and seeing some remarkable success: a new Quality Academy in Ecuador, a London-based global alliance to reduce the carbon footprint of the Internet, a bold agricultural innovation corridor outside São Paulo, Brazil. We are learning valuable lessons about entrepreneurial ecosystems, designing more vibrant community health systems, and transforming rural economies. Day 3 of our conference will be dedicated to learning from practitioners in the field.

August 4 - Day 4  |  10am - 5pm Eastern

At last year's conference, we introduced the concept of our Civic Economy and its integration with our Market Economy. Strategic Doing provides a discipline to form the collaborations needed to strengthen our Civic Economy. It comes down to seeing ourselves as citizens responsible for the organizations and communities in which we live and work. We will devote Day 4 to exploring how we can utilize the skills of Strategic Doing to strengthen our understanding of citizenship. Strategic Doing provides us the skills of designing and guiding deep conversations that lead to practical collaborations. We will explore these issues and end the day with a design sprint to identify some paths to follow.

August 5 - Day 5  |  10am - 2pm Eastern

We devote the last day of our Practitioners' Conference to Strategic Doing workshops. Teams use the time to outline a strategic action plan for themselves. Last year we saw several groups form, including practitioners devoted to applying Strategic Doing to community development and practitioners focused on deployment issues and a Strategic Doing Design Lab. This year, teams that are looking for coaching can also conduct a workshop with the help of a skilled Strategic Doing Fellow.

Registration and a Word About Pricing

We can't wait to see you! Please register here anytime before the conference begins. We will email the conference link during the last week of July to registered participants. We will accept registrations up until the start of the conference.

The price for the online conference is $75.

Please contact Hannah Thompson with questions: