Finding Guidance with Strategic Doing

If you’re looking for someone that can guide you and your organization in using Strategic Doing, there are people around the country – even around the world – that can help.

The Strategic Doing Institute (which manages this website) serves as a clearinghouse/watering hole for information and the Strategic Doing network, but doesn’t itself offer services. Instead, we can point you to others that can help:

  • Strategic Doing Affiliates are universities that have developed expertise in the discipline and use it both in their own institutions and in the regions around them as a way to engage with their local ecosystems. Each affiliate has at least three certified “Strategic Doing Faculty” with a depth of experience in using the discipline in various setting and in teaching others. Find descriptions of the affiliates and their expertise here. If your institution would like to become an affiliate, click here.
  • Certified Workshop Leaders have completed a 3-day workshop along with a practicum in using the discipline.¬†While most work only within their own institutions, some may work on a consultant basis with other organizations.

If you’re looking for information on getting trained (rather than having external assistance), click here.