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Aligning Technical and Social Systems with Strategic Doing

The US is good at invention but not very good at implementation. We have generated a boatload of Nobel prizes but stumble at the broader challenges of technology adoption and deployment. Why is that? The 75+ Year-Old Blueprint For Our Research System The reason goes back...
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Narrowing Our Ingenuity Gap With Innovating Networks

Our ingenuity gap continues to grow. Our inability to design and guide "innovating networks" has led to the gap. But here's the good news. We can close the gap if we practice and master some new skills: designing deeper, more focused conversations that lead to double-loop...
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Understanding the Difference Between Goals and Outcomes

Yesterday, a colleague asked why we don't use the term "goals" with Strategic Doing. Instead, we focus on outcomes that we can measure. What's the difference? The drawing below explains. The Challenge Of Adaptive Challenges When we encounter an adaptive challenge -- a wicked problem with...
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Guidelines for Middle Managers to Innovate

With our work in #strategicdoing, we often are connecting with the Middle, managers looking for new ways to innovate, new ways to link and leverage networks to get complex work done. Many (but not all) are in the 35-50 years old age range. In these conversations,...
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