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Strategic Doing practitioners are forming global communities through our website to connect, learn faster, align their resources, and do more together.

Learning Pathways

The Institute, its Fellows, and its partners provide clear learning pathways for leaders to master the simple, but not easy rules of complex collaboration. 

Wicked Problems

Our practitioners take on wicked problems: challenges with no clear solution where innovation through collaboration is the only path forward.


Strategic Doing

An open-source discipline for designing and guiding complex collaborations by following simple rules. 

Strategic Doing enables leaders to generate solutions to wicked problems. It is a field-tested practical approach to leverage networks and ecosystems quickly—just what we need now to survive and thrive.

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Cloud Library

Within our Strategic Doing Communities, you can access valuable resources to guide you on your collaboration journey


Demonstrate your proficiency in designing and guiding Strategic Doing workshops for teams and teams of teams

Video Lessons

Can be accessed anytime, anywhere, making them a convenient way to learn.

Strong Online Community

Provides a sense of connection, support, and collaboration that can be difficult to find in other online or offline settings.

Master the Skills

Staying dedicated to your goals, you can achieve mastery in your chosen field.

Graduate the Best

Seek out opportunities to develop new skills, attend workshops and seminars, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in your field.


Strategic Doing Networks Practitioners Training

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Price 2995 USD, discount applies for existing Strategic Doing Practitioners

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