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Cognitive Diversity – a powerful tool for strategy

Your organization probably has a DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion) plan, but we're betting it doesn't include cognitive diversity - a powerful tool for strategy in teams and organizations. Cognitive diversity describes the range of ways in which people mentally approach work to be done. Having...

A mini-makeover for the site – what to know

You may have noticed a mini-makeover for the site - just unveiled to the world yesterday. No, we haven't gotten on the bandwagon for the latest Korean beauty products (including slugs). We last updated when the Strategic Doing book was published which was now two years...

Engaging the next generation with Strategic Doing

You might assume it's mostly working professionals using the discipline, but there's a number of initiatives engaging the next generation with Strategic Doing. One such project is in Muncie, Indiana, with practitioner Kyra Zylstra of Sustainable Muncie leading the way: One of the ways that we...

Are you ready for the future? It’s here.

Are we ready for the future? Maybe we better be. Our Third Thursday series continues to be a source of great conversation and food for thought long after. Last week (after a light-hearted word cloud exercise on the promised inventions of the future that still aren't...
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