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Strategic Doing Becoming an Eco-Friendly Website

StrategicDoing.net is one of the first organizations to be certified as having an eco-friendly website.  We are delighted to announce that we have received the Eco-Friendly Website Accreditation for our company website. Ed Morrison Of the Strategic Doing Institute said: “Being a responsible corporate citizen is...
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Strategic Doing and the Iceberg Model

Strategy in open networks -- teams, collaborations, clusters, and ecosystems -- is different. Successful network-based strategies require us to think differently, behave differently and do our work together differently. Making this shift requires a new set of ten skills to design and guide strategic conversations. These...
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Self-Discovery in Strategic Doing

This reflection, from Angie Jordan of Iowa City, delves into the role of self-discovery in Strategic Doing. Angie finds herself on the "exploratory" end of the S-Curve that we discuss in practitioner training; as part of the Certified Workshop Leader course, participants submit on how they...
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Civic conversations: can we stop shouting?

The last few years have given us plenty of bad habits to break, but one of the most vexing questions facing us now might be, can we stop shouting at one another? Can we re-learn the ability to have thoughtful civic conversations with one another? In...
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