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When you join the Strategic Doing Institute Fellows Program, you will:

As Strategic Doing Practitioners and Certified Workshop Leaders, you face complex issues like climate change and workforce development. Traditional methods may not suffice. You need effective collaboration and innovative solutions. The Strategic Doing Institute Fellows Program enhances problem-solving, team collaboration, leadership, strategic planning, and creativity. By shifting to an opportunity-seeking mindset and embracing diverse perspectives, you can drive real impact and long-term success. Join us to gain the tools and techniques necessary to inspire change and make a difference in your community. 


Six month program

Over this period, you'll gain enhanced collaboration skills, agile strategic planning techniques, and significant performance improvements. With a perfect balance of theory and practice, peer-to-peer learning, and a focus on complex problem-solving, you'll see faster and more impactful innovation and problem-solving, improved leadership and resource optimization, and the ability to teach and guide others.

Access to peer-to-peer network of experienced Strategic Doing Fellows

You'll gain access to one-on-one time with Ed Morrison and esteemed senior fellows, a peer-to-peer network of experienced Strategic Doing Fellows, all our communities and materials, personalized coaching sessions with experts, mentorship to hone your skills, and a blueprint to develop your consulting firm.

Get certificated to teach Strategic Doing

You'll have the advantage of being able to teach and guide others, balance theory with practice, and significantly improve performance.

Strategic Doing Materials
Strategic Doing Practitioners Course

Learning Pathway


Strategic Doing, a potent tool with the power to transform, empowers practitioners to negotiate complexity and drive significant transformation across our global economy’s dynamic and fast-changing terrain.

Fundamentals of Strategic Doing

The Fellows course investigates the fundamental ideas of Strategic Doing, its teaching method, and the justification for its success in hastening learning and change. Participants will delve into the theoretical underpinnings and practical implementations of Strategic Doing. Collaborative learning in teams will be employed to enhance the grasp of Strategic Doing concepts, protocols, practices, and philosophy, offering a deep understanding of why Strategic Doing works.

Accelerating Mastery

The course accelerates mastery of Strategic Doing in three phases. The initial eight-week online course lays the foundation, followed by a 90-day apprenticeship where participants will apply the discipline to a complex challenge alongside Strategic Doing Fellows. This phase ensures that participants gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge in a real-world setting.

Building a Global Network

Participants will also commit to a service period designed to build a global network of Strategic Doing practitioners. They will have various options to fulfill this commitment, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the global Strategic Doing community. This final phase emphasizes the importance of community engagement and the ongoing application of Strategic Doing principles.


Ed Morrison

Co-author of “Strategic Doing – Ten Skills for Agile Leadership”.

Ed Morrison is a renowned expert in developing network-based models for strategy in open, loosely connected networks. With over 25 years of experience, Ed has been at the forefront of emphasizing the strategic value of focused collaboration and innovation in today’s global economy.

As the developer of Strategic Doing, Ed has successfully accelerated collaborations across the United States, with increasing recognition internationally. 

Nancy Franklin

Nancy Franklin

As the co-author of “Strategic Doing – Ten Skills for Agile Leadership,” available from Wiley, Nancy is an influential consultant and expert in strategic initiatives. As Principal of Franklin Solutions, she works with leaders in higher education, business, and community sectors, focusing on collaboration, innovation, and change management.

Her extensive experience includes planning, budgeting, communications, program development, service delivery, assessment, policy formulation, and partnership creation. Certified in Strategic Doing, organizational culture, leadership impact, and strategic team diversity, Nancy has effectively applied these methodologies in various settings, from regional development to corporate supply chain innovation.

Tim Franklin

Tim Franklin, Ph.D., is the Principal at Franklin Solutions (FS), where he collaborates with leaders from higher education, community, business, and government on strategic projects and initiatives. With over 25 years as an innovative senior university administrator, Tim has earned regional, state, and national recognition for his work. He is certified in Strategic Doing, bringing agile leadership and collaboration techniques to his clients.

Tim’s notable achievements include founding the New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) and the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR), guiding these institutions from inception to successful growth. He has also held key leadership roles at Virginia Tech, Penn State, Indiana State University, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology, excelling in strategic planning, policy analysis, and fostering impactful partnerships.

Application process

1. Apply:

If you are a Strategic Doing Practitioner or Certified Workshop Leader, you can apply to become a Fellow. Applications received until July 28th, 2024 will have full consideration.

2. Interview

After you have completed the application form, schedule a time slot with Ed Morrison, to have a chat about your application.

3. Agreement

Selected candidates that wish to reduce the cost of the program, will commit to a service agreement.


The full price of our comprehensive course is $6000. However, you can unlock substantial savings by committing to a 6-month service period, contributing one hour per week throughout the program. This commitment reduces the price to $1500, making it more accessible while providing valuable hands-on experience in applying Strategic Doing principles to real-world challenges. Join us in building a global network of practitioners and accelerating your mastery of Strategic Doing through practical engagement and community contribution.

We also offer flexible payment options, including instalments. Contact us to discuss a payment plan that works best for you.

Join us on this journey of collaboration, innovation, and growth. Let's work together to create impactful solutions and make a difference in our communities. Embrace the power of Strategic Doing and unlock your potential for success. Are you ready to take the next step? Join the Strategic Doing Fellows Program today!

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