Strategic Doing Australasia

We are excited to announce the opening of our Australasia hub, encompassing Australia, New Zealand, and neighbouring countries. This new hub will focus on developing design-do and learning networks, as well as offering Strategic Doing courses. Our aim is to foster collaboration and innovation across the region, empowering individuals and organizations to tackle complex challenges through the proven methodologies of Strategic Doing. By establishing this hub, we are expanding our global network and enhancing the accessibility of our training and resources in the Australasia region.

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Join the Australasia Open Community

Strategic Doing is a practice for designing and guiding collaborations to generate solutions to complex challenges. Developed over 30 years, Strategic Doing is now being applied globally. As part of this global reach, we are delighted to launch this Open Community for Australasia.


As part of this initiative, we will develop monthly talks and courses to get the most from the Strategic Doing discipline. 

Save the date!

July 18, 2024

Dr. Jo’Anne Langham and Ed Morrison, founder of Strategic Doing, will launch our new Australasia hub. They will share key insights from the Strategic Doing discipline, highlighting its impact and potential for transformative collaboration and innovation in the region.

August 28, 2024

Join a 1-day (face-to-face) intensive version of our Practitioner's Course, where you will learn in a practical way all the skills that Strategic Doing aims to develop. Location: Sydney, Australia.

Meet Jo’Anne Langham, Hub Leader

Dr. Jo’Anne Langham, an entrepreneur and innovator with over 25 years of experience in human-centred design, statistical data analysis, and public administration design, leads our Australasia hub. With a PhD in public sector design measurement and accountability, an MPhil in economic psychology, and 15 years as a senior executive in the Commonwealth public service, Jo’Anne is a seasoned consultant and Strategic Doing Fellow. She has led numerous research and design teams, driven impactful public sector projects, and is dedicated to mentoring professionals and empowering women through initiatives like the Women in Executive Leadership (WELD) program. Jo’Anne’s commitment to creativity, ethical design, and collaborative innovation makes her an ideal leader for our region.