Strategic Doing Networks: Building The Future Together

In order to scale innovation and change required to meet today’s most urgent global challenges – and to grow and support the next generation of leaders – Ed Morrison and Doug Smith are teaming up with CONNECTS to launch Strategic Doing Networks.  Strategic Doing Networks are powered by a blend of two methodologies with unparalleled track records -- Strategic Doing and Performance-Driven Change – along with the challenge-centric, cohort architecture needed to scale change.

Let’s start a conversation

We invite YOU to join the conversation on Fridays at 9AM EST / 3PM CET when Ed, Doug and other Strategic Doing Practitioners and other transformational leaders from around the world talk about the importance of focus on real impact and real results as THE driver of changes needed to make the world safer, saner and more sustainable for you and those you care about.

Sign up here to join the Strategic Doing Open Community and receive your personal invitation. To get inspired here are some videos from previous talks.


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