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Adaptive Innovation Management Strategies with Strategic Doing

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In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, leaders are faced with a myriad of challenges that require adaptive and innovative approaches to navigate effectively. The need for effective communication strategies during uncertain times, resilience building in the face of unexpected disruptions, and strategic decision-making in complex environments are just a few of the key problems that leaders need to address. Furthermore, the demand for creativity and innovation in problem-solving, as well as the adoption of sustainable leadership practices, are essential for organizations aiming for long-term success and impact. This 8-day challenge, Adaptive and Innovative Leadership Mastery, is designed to equip leaders with the tools and strategies needed to tackle these challenges head-on, encouraging collaboration, creativity, and a growth mindset in the face of uncertainty and change.

When you join the Adaptive and Innovative Leadership Mastery Challenge, you will:

Effective communication strategies

Learn effective communication strategies for navigating uncertain times

Adaptation and resilience building

Discover tools for adaptation and resilience building

Uncover best practices

Uncover various ways to make strategic decisions in times of uncertainty

Leverage creative abilities

Improve your ability to foster innovation and creativity in problem-solving

Sustainable leadership practices

And most importantly, explore sustainable leadership practices for long-term success and impact.

Strategic Doing Practitioners Course
Strategic Doing Practitioners Course


Ed Morrison

Meet Ed Morrison, the co-author of “Strategic Doing – Ten Skills for Agile Leadership”, a renowned expert in developing network-based models for strategy in open, loosely connected networks.

With over 25 years of experience, Ed Morrison has been a pioneer in emphasizing the strategic value of collaboration and innovation in today’s global economy. As the developer of Strategic Doing, Ed has successfully accelerated collaborations across the United States and internationally.

His dedication to advancing this discipline is evident through the Agile Strategy Labs at the University of North Alabama, the University of Puerto Rico, and Purdue University. Before his work in Strategic Doing, Ed honed his skills as a consultant at Telesis, where he played a pivotal role in consulting teams for clients such as Ford Motor Company, Volvo, and General Electric. His expertise extended to conducting manufacturing cost studies across various countries.

Trust in Ed Morrison’s extensive knowledge and experience as he guides the creation of a future-proofing strategy for universities through Strategic Doing. Embrace collaboration, shift to an opportunity-seeking mindset, and unleash the power of diverse perspectives to tackle challenges with creativity and innovation.

Join this training to learn from Ed Morrison and unlock the secrets to strategic collaboration and agile leadership.

What Others Had to Say About SD Trainings

Shannon Jennings

Shannon Jennings

"The Strategic Doing Practitioner Training was an eye opener to how much of the new knowledge I was missing from hanging out on the periphery! I am so much more clear on how to work step by step through the SD model and bring a workshop together. There is still an incredible amount to learn and experience, but there is a support system behind it all that make it a safe space to try.

Phillip Ellis

Phillip Ellis

"For years, my mission has been to unite people around a common goal. Yet, despite our best intentions, too often these efforts stumbled, lacking a clear bridge from brainstorming to real-world impact. That changed with Strategic Doing—a proven approach that not only guides collaborations through a step-by-step approach to tackle wicked problems but also rebuilds trust and respect within our communities and networks. Completing the practitioner course has only deepened my belief in its transformative power."


Jennifur Newhouse

"What is Strategic Doing all about? How can it help your organization? "Strategic Doing enables leaders to generate solutions to wicked problems. It is a field-tested practical approach to leverage networks and ecosystems quickly — just what we need now to survive and thrive." We use it, because it WORKS!"

The program is the culmination of XX years of experience in helping leaders navigate complex and ever-changing environments. In this 15-hour comprehensive training program, you’ll be learning strategies for managing climate change impacts, tools for navigating technological transformations, techniques for tackling challenges of globalisation, and skills for collaborative strategy design and implementation. Expert guidance and support will be provided throughout, tailored for leaders in various sectors.

We can’t wait for you to join us and take your leadership to the next level.

Next Session Starting June 12, 2024

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