09/09/2024 08:00 America/New_York 12:00 UTC

Certified Workshop Leader Training Course

If you’ve completed practitioner training, take the next step to grow your skills in leading Strategic Doing workshops through this online course.

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28/08/2024 14:00 America/New_York 18:00 UTC

Strategic Doing Practitoner Training: August-September

Join the Zoom Strategic Doing Practitioner Training in August/September 2024 to learn a highly creative strategy method. Early bird discount till July 30th. Register at or email for group discounts.

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30/07/2024 17:00 Europe/Brussels 15:00 UTC

Strategic Doing Practitioner + Meet Up

Join us for a weekly gathering of Strategic Doing practitioners of all levels to talk about DOING Strategic Doing.

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26/07/2024 14:45 Europe/Brussels 12:45 UTC

Leveraging Structured Conversation with C•CUBE

Learn a new pathway for developing entrepreneurial ecosystems with universities. Jim Woodell, the designer of the C-CUBE Toolkit, joins us.

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25/07/2024 17:00 Europe/Brussels 15:00 UTC

Jenga Mtaani – Working Session

Please join us on Thursdays as we consider our ongoing work with the Jenga Mtaani project. We will dig into possible framing questions, ground rules for the project, and expectations about time commitments for participants.It’s essential we glean as much knowledge and context as we can to achieve an effective outcome.

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25/07/2024 15:00 Europe/Brussels 13:00 UTC

Framing Challenges with Strategic Doing

Strategic Doing guides complex conversations by framing questions in an appreciative inquiry manner.

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