Strategic Doing Certified Workshop Leaders

Welcome! This page is reserved for resources available only to those who have completed the process to become Certified Workshop Leaders.

Strategic Doing practitioners (those who have attended our 4 days training or an online equivalent) can choose to become certified workshop leaders by successfully completing an additional course and receiving an electronic credential to use on LinkedIn, etc. The certification process includes the completion of training plus a hands-on component in which you demonstrate your new skills. Certification is good for two years; re-certification is based on a demonstration of continuing use of the discipline and participation in the “community of practice.” The certification course is offered four times each year.

Certified Workshop Leader training: this online course helps practitioners put their new skills into practice through a guided/coached process of planning, carrying out, and following up from a Strategic Doing workshop. You must have already completed the 2.5 day course to begin the certification process. The course is offered a few times a year.

If you have any questions about How to, please check our FAQ page-

Entry conditions

Entrance only for Strategic Doing Certified Workshop Leaders and those who are interested to become one. The price for new training is 500 euros.

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