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Strategic Doing Fellows are individuals who have completed training in the Strategic Doing methodology and have demonstrated their ability to facilitate and lead collaborative problem-solving and action planning sessions using this approach. They are recognized as experts in the Strategic Doing methodology and are often called upon to lead and support collaborative initiatives in a wide range of settings, including business, government, education, and community development.
The Strategic Doing Fellowship is a program offered by the Agile Strategy Lab at Purdue University, which is the home of the Strategic Doing methodology. The Fellowship program is designed to help individuals develop their skills and expertise in Strategic Doing, and to build a community of practitioners who can share best practices and collaborate on projects.
To become a Strategic Doing Fellow, individuals must complete a rigorous training program that includes both online and in-person learning experiences. They must also demonstrate their ability to apply the Strategic Doing methodology in real-world settings by leading and facilitating collaborative initiatives. Fellows are expected to continue to develop their skills and expertise in Strategic Doing and to contribute to the ongoing development of the methodology.

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This community serves the needs of Strategic Doing Fellows. To become a Fellow, please connect with Ed Morrison (

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Past events

17/10/2023 17:00 Europe/Brussels 15:00 UTC

Strategic Doing powered by CONNECTS

Join us in Strategic Doing powered by CONNECTS, the weekly gathering for practitioners, workshop leaders, and fellows of Strategic Doing. It’s a dynamic space where we connect, learn, and share best practices in our day-to-day work.

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13/04/2023 17:00 Europe/Brussels 15:00 UTC

Launch of Strategic Doing 2.0

Ed Morrison is inviting you to Strategic Doing Launch 2.0 Exciting times! Strategic Doing is going global. We now have interested professionals all over the world who are exploring and taking classes in this open-source discipline.

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