The Active Aging Ideation Lab

The Active Aging Ideation Lab
The world’s population is rapidly aging. It is presenting us with some wicked, complex challenges that we have not faced at this level before such as:
• Unrelenting staffing shortages.
• Increasing costs to provide care.
• Reimbursement that does not keep pace with care and
• Redefining long-term care.
• Ensuring the dignity of those we serve.
• Exploring options in other supportive environments.
• Greater focus on wellness and disease management.
Rethinking our approaches and systems of care is imperative. It will take an openness to test ideas and learning by doing.
Strategic Doing was created to approach how we design and manage complex work together. It is an open-source discipline that quickly builds collaboration to leverage a collaborative’s assets and talents to find new opportunities. It is action-oriented and very scalable.

Strategic Doing is now practiced worldwide, with over thirty years of research and results. It has been tested to solve the wicked, complex challenges we face.
The Active Aging Ideation Lab will use Strategic Doing to form new ideas and concepts to address the challenges our eco-systems face with aging but to also explore proactively the dimensions of wellness that impact active aging. It is our hope to build and share the best practices in these challenges to the greater field of aging services.

Entry conditions

This community is intended for people who work or have a strong interest in aging services or the concepts of active aging and are willing to create the impact using Strategic Doing.

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Past events

21/09/2023 09:00 America/New_York 13:00 UTC

Strategic Doing Practitioners Training

Strategic Doing is an open-source methodology that creates action-oriented collaboration, with everyone around the table participating. It works in any environment, organization, or civic setting. It is a rapid-cycle process that brings teams to strategic action plans that are ready to implement after a three-hour workshop!

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24/08/2023 09:00 America/New_York 13:00 UTC

Understanding AARP’s Age-Friendly Communities and Starting by “Doing the Doable.”

TAAILs hosts monthly live Webcasts on the third or fourth Thursday at 9:00 am EST (New York) and 3:00 pm CET (Brussels). We will interview thought leaders in aging services and active aging to learn. TAAILS will use Strategic Doing to frame the potential of forming core teams to explore “what could we do together” to build on and share the best practices.

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20/07/2023 09:00 America/New_York 13:00 UTC

The Active Aging Ideation Lab, Launch Event

📣 The Active Aging Ideation Lab (TAAILS) will explore leading thoughts and concepts in aging services and active aging. 💡 TAAILS will work to rethink our approaches and systems of care using Strategic Doing to test ideas by “doing the doable” through small experiments.

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