ManuFuture Today: Leveraging AI for Small and Mid-Sized Manufacturers

ManuFuture Today explores how small and mid-sized manufacturers can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to improve their productivity, accelerate innovation, and reduce costs.

The community is an outgrowth of a National Science Foundation grant, anchored at Purdue University. Other research partners include Harvard University,

Deploying artificial intelligence (AI) to support smaller manufacturers requires the design of a new industrial commons, powered by AI applications. Within the commons, companies have a safe space in which to explore the application of AI technologies to their businesses. They can 1) develop AI applications with a team of university researchers; 2) safely share data for analysis without compromising either ownership or confidentiality, 3) learn management lessons on how to apply AI technologies to their enterprise; and 4) develop initiatives to improve employee skills and well-being through the introduction of AI technologies.

Entry conditions

Participants in this learning community have attended AI Commons events at Purdue University. If you would like to join this community, please reach out to Ted Fiock or Ali Shakouri

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