August 28, 2024

1-Day Intensive Practitioners Workshop

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When you join this Strategic Doing 1-day intensive practitioners workshop, you will:


Apply network-thinking to real-world challenges: Use network-thinking principles to address a specific problem or opportunity in your community or organization, driving meaningful change.


Recognize and build trust at scale: Explore effective methods for cultivating trust within large networks, ensuring strong, reliable relationships across all levels.


Understand the four basic questions of strategy: Master these fundamental questions and practice using them to design and implement a basic strategy tailored to your needs.


Translate strategic opportunities into outcomes: Develop the skills to convert potential opportunities into tangible, strategic outcomes that benefit your community or organization.

Strategic Doing Workshop

Who is this workshop for?

This intensive program is for individuals who are interested in helping lead strategic transformations in their organisations or communities. Many learners choose to take the course to develop their skills in collaboration, agile leadership, and networking.

The course provides training on how you can use the Strategic Doing methodology. The training can help individuals and teams to sharpen their ability to think horizontally in networks and gain insights on building trust at scale — even among people who have never worked together before.

Participants will understand what strategic conversations are and how they can be guided. You’ll also learn how strategies can be designed, tested, and adjusted rather than sitting on the page of a strategic plan gathering dust.

Course objectives:

  • Identify examples from their own experiences that illustrate the shift from hierarchies to networks.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how strategy is different in networks than in hierarchies.
  • Recognise characteristics of network-based thinking.
  • Apply network-thinking to address a problem or opportunity that is important in their community or organisation.
  • Recognise ways for building trust at scale.
  • Consider how to build trust in their network.
  • Understand the four basic questions of strategy.
  • Practice using these four questions to design a basic strategy.
  • Understand how strategy can be agile and iterative.
  • Translate strategic opportunities into strategic outcomes.


Jo’Anne Langham

Join us for an enriching workshop led by Dr. Jo’Anne Langham, an entrepreneur and innovator with over 25 years of experience. As the leader of our Australasia hub, Jo’Anne is a seasoned consultant and Strategic Doing Fellow. With a PhD in public sector design and an MPhil in economic psychology, she has led numerous impactful public sector projects and research teams. Her dedication to creativity, ethical design, and collaborative innovation makes her an ideal leader for our region. Gain valuable insights and skills in strategic doing under her expert guidance. 

What Others Had to Say About the Workshop

Advisory Board Chair​


"Great to be part of the program. Thank you Jo'Anne and Ed Morrison for the valuable delivery."​

Organisational Developer​


"Thanks for sharing your wisdom and practical tools. And to Jennifer Witheriff, Jan Easton FABC and Mark Langham for working through the process with me. I learnt a lot from you all and am feeling inspired to tackle a complex problem with this framework."​

Gayle Dallaston
Business Strategist

Gayle Dallaston

"Many thanks Jo'Anne Langham - and UQ Ventures for hosting. It was great to see a Strategic Doing workshop in practice."

Take this intensive workshop for a hands-on experience to develop your skills in collaboration, agile leadership, and networking.


The price for the full day workshop is US$ 650 (roughly $960 AU).

We can’t wait for you to join us and take your leadership to the next level!

Workshop on August 28th, 2024

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