Strategic Doing Institute Embarks on a New Chapter in Global Growth

As of February 1, the Strategic Doing Institute enters an exciting new phase, marking a significant step in its global projection. In the last couple of years, our methodology has garnered increasing attention from diverse corners of the world -South America, Europe, Africa, Australia -, a testament to its growing influence and impact. 

This increasing interest demanded a new approach for the SDI, marked by the need for a platform where all interested parties could converge to learn and connect. That’s why we entered into a global partnership with CONNECTS, a digital platform based in Brussels, focused on fostering business and entrepreneurship connections globally.

This collaboration presents a remarkable opportunity for the SDI to further its reach and impact. By joining forces with CONNECTS,  we have created a space where communities of seasoned professionals engage in discussions and initiatives related to collaborative endeavors, social entrepreneurship and community development. 

The SDI is poised to leverage this dynamic network to propel its global vision forward. This new phase represents a collective pursuit of solutions and development, embracing the opportunity to tackle the intricate and pressing issues that define our times.

On the other hand, the SDI would like to express its gratitude to the University of North Alabama for its invaluable partnership and support in the last few years. As we forge ahead, we eagerly anticipate the unfolding opportunities presented by our new partnerships and upcoming initiatives to contribute meaningfully to addressing complex problems our world faces today.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us!

Stay tuned for further updates.  Want to be part of our movement? Join our Strategic Doing Open Community: