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Why Strategic Doing is Growing So Quickly

By Ed Morrison / September 29, 2018 / Comments Off on Why Strategic Doing is Growing So Quickly

In designing Strategic Doing, we started with a rigorous definition of strategy. We have a strategy when we can answer two questions: Where we going? How will we get there? If a strategy cannot answer these two questions, it’s not really a strategy. So, it’s common that many strategic plans actually failed the test. They […]

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What People Tell Us About Strategic Doing

By Ed Morrison / September 9, 2018 / Comments Off on What People Tell Us About Strategic Doing

Some people who experience Strategic Doing  get so excited that they write us. We’ve gathered some of these comments and put them together. They make for some inspiring reading. Strategic Doing Testimonials from Ed Morrison

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Is Your Landscape Dancing?

By Scott Hutcheson / July 28, 2018 / Comments Off on Is Your Landscape Dancing?

When we first began testing out Strategic Doing we were looking for use cases anywhere. We had a hammer and everything looked a whole lot like a nail. In those early days we probably tried to use Strategic Doing at times when it might not have been the right tool for the situation. We have […]

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Jumping the Curve: How Do We Do That?

By Ed Morrison / July 25, 2018 / Comments Off on Jumping the Curve: How Do We Do That?

Organizations  of all types – – business, government, nonprofits, education – – are facing a major challenge:  moving from hierarchical to network mindsets. To capture the scope of this transformation, we use the idea of S curves. Years ago, as we were developing Strategic Doing, one of our mentors, David Morgenthaler, suggested that we use […]

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Our Upcoming Training Schedule

By Ed Morrison / July 6, 2018 / Comments Off on Our Upcoming Training Schedule

With the growth of Strategic Doing worldwide, we are adding new training sessions each month.Here is our summer and fall schedule. Keep checking back though. We are adding sessions continuously. These sessions are two half days of experiential learning. You’ll come away with the deeper understanding of the underlying structure of collaborative conversations. You will […]

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Keeping a Collaboration on Track

By Ed Morrison / June 25, 2018 / Comments Off on Keeping a Collaboration on Track

By our definition, a collaboration is strategic. It involves a team of people moving toward a shared outcome along a pathway that they define. A collaboration is not networking. That is simply exchanging information. A collaboration is not coordination or cooperation.  These involve sharing resources or aligning individual actions.  All of these steps – – […]

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Agile is possible, even in government

By Liz Nilsen / June 11, 2018 / Comments Off on Agile is possible, even in government

Even if you’re not a federal, state or government employee, you’ll appreciate this story: Imagine you went shopping, put nine things into your cart, and then, when you went to check out…you had to pay for them one at a time, in nine different lines. It’s not hypothetical. Our colleague Michon Hicks at the DC […]

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Integrating Strategic Doing with NSF’s I-Corps

By Ed Morrison / May 21, 2018 / Comments Off on Integrating Strategic Doing with NSF’s I-Corps

Our colleague from New Mexico State, Lauren Goldstein, has pioneered the integration of Strategic Doing with the NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps) initiative. I-Corps helps faculty move ideas into commercial markets. Lauren will be doing a webinar on Monday June 18 from 1PM to 2PM. Join us! http://bit.ly/icorpsandSDwebinar  

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Managing Purdue’s undergraduate growth

By Ed Morrison / May 16, 2018 / Comments Off on Managing Purdue’s undergraduate growth

We are working with the Purdue leadership to design and guide a set of strategies to support the explosive growth of our undergraduate student body. Today one of the work teams developed success characteristic and metrics for six different strategic opportunities and they did it in 90 minutes. Strategic Doing is fast and lightweight. A […]

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Building aerospace talent in Rockford

By Ed Morrison / May 15, 2018 / Comments Off on Building aerospace talent in Rockford

Our colleagues in Rockford used Strategic Doing to design this innovative initiative to fill the aerospace talent pipeline. The Rockford paper ran a great article on their work. Read more here. Rockford, Illinois is a global center of excellence in advanced manufacturing, particularly in aerospace.  This critical sector of the economy is threatened by a […]

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