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A Must-Read Book for CIOs

By Ed Morrison / March 23, 2020 / Comments Off on A Must-Read Book for CIOs

Who knew? We wrote one of the 10 Must-Read Books on Collaboration for CIO’s and IT professionals. This recognition is important to us. Red Hat, a division of IBM, compiled the list.  The digital transformation of business is not a pure technology play. It requires scalable learning. It is a recursive process of continuous experimentation: […]

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Seeing Our Economy with New Eyes

By Ed Morrison / March 18, 2020 / Comments Off on Seeing Our Economy with New Eyes

The coronavirus can teach us a lot about the true nature of our economy. The most important lesson: for decades, we’ve fundamentally misunderstood how our economy works. Our economic policy has been driven by neoclassical economics. The basic idea: you have a government, and you have the private sector. Their interests diverge. For a prosperous […]

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Deploying Strategic Doing in a Large Company

By Ed Morrison / March 7, 2020 / Comments Off on Deploying Strategic Doing in a Large Company

In about ten days, we will be conducting a two-hour presentation with a large manufacturer. They have asked us to explain Strategic Doing and how this new strategy discipline can be deployed across their organization. In our experience, two situations arise in which Strategic Doing can provide immediate value. First, managers face a wicked problem […]

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By Ed Morrison / March 2, 2020 / Comments Off on

Our universities need a redesign. The good news: the changes are not dramatic, and they can be managed. The bad news: those that do not change will be disrupted. Christensen warned us. (https://amzn.to/2vw484E) The needed changes go beyond cost-cutting. It’s a mind shift, a deep embrace of multidisciplinary approaches to complex, “wicked” challenges. This shift […]

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Resources for the Systems Innovation Webinar

By Ed Morrison / February 27, 2020 / Comments Off on Resources for the Systems Innovation Webinar

We had a wonderful session today discussing Strategic Doing and Systems Innovation.  You can review the webinar here. Also, here are some additio0nal resources that you might find helpful. Human Insight web site is here. Explainer video on cognitive diversity and AEM Cube is here A paper on the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in […]

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Use S-Curves to Understand Agility

By Ed Morrison / February 15, 2020 / Comments Off on Use S-Curves to Understand Agility

We continue to define the term “strategic agility” more rigorously. Following an S-Curve framework, there are 5 critical strategic focus areas an enterprise must manage. (I corrected the image. You can download a PDF here: http://bit.ly/2u5WtJH) Recombinant Innovation: Creating new value by linking and leveraging existing assets both inside and outside the organization. Knowledge assets […]

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Strategy is…

By Ed Morrison / January 27, 2020 / Comments Off on Strategy is…

Strategy is like software. If you can’t get your ideas off the whiteboard, they have little value. If you can’t test your thinking with practical experiments, you will never learn. If you keep talking and don’t do anything, you’re in the same place you were yesterday and falling behind; the world is moving and you’re […]

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Breaking the Grip of Silos

By Ed Morrison / January 12, 2020 / Comments Off on Breaking the Grip of Silos

In a world in which networks create knowledge and value, leadership involves designing and guiding these networks. In most hierarchical organizations, the task involves breaking the grip of silos by strengthening networks. We’ve learned to distinguish among three types of networks: affinity networks (or interested communities), learning networks (or communities of practice) and innovating networks. […]

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Moving Strategic Doing into Business Schools

By Ed Morrison / November 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Moving Strategic Doing into Business Schools

This past week, we spent time on the campus of The Ohio State University, sharing the new approach to strategy in loosely connected networks. The discipline requires a deep understanding of the dynamics of collaboration: how collaboration emerges from conversations with an underlying structure and trajectory. If you understand this underlying structure and how it […]

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Strategy as a Continuous, Adaptive Process

By Ed Morrison / November 5, 2019 / Comments Off on Strategy as a Continuous, Adaptive Process

Management transformation — at its core — is a shift in mental models, a shift in mindsets. This transformation emerges when we adopt new disciplines that lead to new habits. We are open to new habits when we are willing to abandon old patterns of thinking and behavior. That’s why approaching strategy in new ways […]

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