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Developing Innovation Ecosystems with Strategic Doing

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Are you struggling to identify key stakeholders and resources needed to develop a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem? Do you find it challenging to create a strategic plan for driving innovation and collaboration within your entrepreneurial community? Are you looking to leverage existing networks and support systems to boost the success of start-ups and small businesses? Do you need guidance on fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in your local area? Are you seeking to develop an action plan to address challenges and seize growth opportunities within your entrepreneurial ecosystem? If so, our 15-hour course, “Developing Innovation Ecosystems with Strategic Doing,” is designed to help you tackle these challenges and more. Join us to gain valuable insights, best practices, and actionable strategies to design and guide the development of successful entrepreneurial ecosystems.

When you join the Developing Innovation Ecosystems with Strategic Doing training, you will:

Identify key players

Learn how to identify key players within an entrepreneurial ecosystem and understand their roles in driving innovation and growth.

Discover collaborative strategies

Discover strategies for building collaborative relationships with stakeholders to support entrepreneurial success.

Uncover best practices

Uncover best practices for creating a supportive startup environment, including access to funding and mentorship.

Leverage digital abilities

Improve your ability to leverage technology and digital platforms to enhance your ecosystem's efficiency.

Measure the impact of your ecosystem

And most importantly, learn how to measure the impact of your ecosystem development efforts for continuous improvement.

Strategic Doing Practitioners Course
Strategic Doing
Strategic Doing Practitioners Course


Ed Morrison

Meet Ed Morrison, co-author of “Strategic Doing – Ten Skills for Agile Leadership” and a leading expert in developing network-based models for strategy in open, loosely connected networks.

With over 25 years of experience, Ed is a pioneer in emphasizing the strategic importance of collaboration and innovation in today’s global economy. As the mastermind behind the innovative discipline of Strategic Doing, Ed has spearheaded collaborations across the United States, gaining recognition internationally.

His commitment to advancing this discipline is evident through Agile Strategy Labs at the University of North Alabama, the University of Puerto Rico, and Purdue University. Before his work in Strategic Doing, Ed Morrison honed his skills as a consultant at Telesis, working with esteemed clients such as Ford Motor Company, Volvo, and General Electric.

His expertise in conducting manufacturing cost studies across various countries showcases his diverse skill set and global perspective. Trust in Ed Morrison to lead you in designing a future-proofing strategy for entrepreneurial ecosystems. Learn from his unparalleled expertise in Strategic Doing and unlock the potential for growth and value creation within your own ecosystem.

Join today and take your entrepreneurial ventures to the next level with Ed’s guidance

What Others Had to Say About The Training

Shannon Jennings

Shannon Jennings

"The Strategic Doing Practitioner Training was an eye opener to how much of the new knowledge I was missing from hanging out on the periphery! I am so much more clear on how to work step by step through the SD model and bring a workshop together. There is still an incredible amount to learn and experience, but there is a support system behind it all that make it a safe space to try.

Phillip Ellis

Phillip Ellis

"For years, my mission has been to unite people around a common goal. Yet, despite our best intentions, too often these efforts stumbled, lacking a clear bridge from brainstorming to real-world impact. That changed with Strategic Doing—a proven approach that not only guides collaborations through a step-by-step approach to tackle wicked problems but also rebuilds trust and respect within our communities and networks. Completing the practitioner course has only deepened my belief in its transformative power."


Jennifur Newhouse

"What is Strategic Doing all about? How can it help your organization? "Strategic Doing enables leaders to generate solutions to wicked problems. It is a field-tested practical approach to leverage networks and ecosystems quickly — just what we need now to survive and thrive." We use it, because it WORKS!"

Over the course of 15 hours in the program, you’ll be gaining knowledge on ecosystem design, skills in guiding ecosystem development, and a strategic approach for effective design. We can ensure you’ll see these changes because the course focuses on entrepreneurial ecosystem design, teaches the Strategic Doing approach, and is suitable for both urban and rural settings. All of this comes together in order to provide you with the most innovative approach to creating successful ecosystems.

We can’t wait for you to join us and start your very own journey today.​

Next Session Starting July 10, 2024

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