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Future Proofing Universities with Strategic Doing

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What You Will Learn in the Creating Future-Proofing Universities with Strategic Doing Course:

Over the course of this 15-hour program, you’ll have the invaluable opportunity to acquire the skills, processes, and methodologies needed to revolutionize universities through Strategic Doing. From university staff to students, faculty, and administrators, this transformative course empowers everyone interested in driving university transformation towards a future-proof ecosystem.

Methodology to implement strategic initiatives efficiently:

Equip yourself with a practical and efficient methodology to implement strategic initiatives seamlessly. From goal-setting and action planning to resource allocation and evaluation, you'll develop a systematic approach that maximizes outcomes and minimizes hurdles.

Effective strategies for university transformation

Learn how to navigate the dynamic landscape of higher education and implement strategies that foster long-term success. Gain insights into the latest trends, best practices, and innovative approaches to university transformations.

Skills to drive successful administrative changes

Unlock the abilities required to lead and execute administrative changes with precision and finesse. Develop the competencies needed to streamline processes, optimize resources, and effectively communicate change initiatives.

Comprehensive understanding of strategic planning processes

Master the art of strategic planning through in-depth examinations of proven methodologies, frameworks, and tools. Acquire the knowledge necessary to chart a clear path towards a future-proof university that thrives in a rapidly evolving world.

Improved ability to foster collaboration and innovation

Discover strategies to cultivate a culture of collaboration and innovation within educational institutions. Learn how to ignite creativity, harness collective intelligence, and leverage diverse perspectives to fuel groundbreaking advancements.

Techniques for creating sustainable infrastructure and environment

Learn how to design and implement sustainable infrastructure projects that protect the environment, conserve resources, and contribute to the long-term well-being of your community.

Strategic Doing Practitioners Course
Strategic Doing Practitioners Course
Strategic Doing Practitioners Course


Ed Morrison

Co-author of “Strategic Doing – Ten Skills for Agile Leadership”. 

Ed Morrison is a renowned expert in developing network-based models for strategy in open, loosely connected networks. With over 25 years of experience, Ed has been at the forefront of emphasizing the strategic value of focused collaboration and innovation in today’s global economy.

As the developer of the groundbreaking discipline called Strategic Doing, Ed has successfully accelerated collaborations across the United States, with increasing recognition internationally. His continued dedication to advancing this discipline is evident through the Agile Strategy Labs at the University of North Alabama, the University of Puerto Rico, and Purdue University.

Prior to his work in Strategic Doing, Ed Morrison honed his skills as a consultant at Telesis, a prestigious corporate strategy consulting firm. During his tenure, Ed played a pivotal role in consulting teams for esteemed clients such as Ford Motor Company, Volvo, and General Electric. His expertise extended to conducting manufacturing cost studies across various countries, including the US, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Sweden, and France.

Trust in Ed Morrison’s extensive knowledge and experience as he guides the creation of a future-proofing strategy for universities through his unparalleled expertise in Strategic Doing.

What Others Had to Say About The Training

University Administrator

"Taking the comprehensive 15-hour course by the author was a game-changer for me. It provided me with the skills, processes, and methodology needed for university transformation. I was able to apply these strategies to my role as a student leader and make a significant impact. Thanks to the course, I now have a comprehensive understanding of strategic planning processes and can effectively collaborate with university staff, faculty, and administrators."


University Staff Member

"Before taking the author's course, I felt like I was lacking the necessary skills for effective transformation within my university. However, the course completely changed that. It enhanced my understanding of strategic methodologies and provided me with effective processes for driving transformation. I can now successfully drive administrative changes and foster collaboration among university staff. It's a truly life-changing course!"


University Staff Member

"I cannot recommend the author's course enough! As a university staff member, I was struggling to implement strategic initiatives efficiently and foster collaboration among my team. However, after completing the 15-hour course, I gained a comprehensive understanding of strategic planning processes and learned effective strategies for university transformation. This course has not only improved my ability to foster collaboration and innovation but also provided me with the necessary skills to drive successful administrative changes. It's a must for anyone in the university setting!"

We can ensure you'll witness these transformative changes unfold throughout the program. Drawing on our authoritative expertise and knowledge, we provide the most comprehensive and cutting-edge strategies to safeguard universities against the unpredictable challenges of tomorrow.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to become a catalyst for change, enhance student experience, and foster collaboration among faculty members and administrators. Enroll in the Future-Proofing Universities with Strategic Doing program now and be part of the university transformation movement.

Start shaping the future of universities today!

Next Session Starting July 10, 2024

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