Digital Transformation is Not a Technology Problem

Digital transformation changes the flow of information and knowledge across an organization. Digital technologies alter the dynamics of power—the nature of leadership shifts.

Conversation emerges as the most important management technology. Why? Because we generate and distribute knowledge through our conversations. 


But in the wake of unprecedented change, a paradox emerges. 

Organizations slow down. Fear of failure. Fear of loss. Fear of the unknown. 

Fear of admitting we don’t know. 


I shared the following slim graphic to help an organization overcome these fears. 

There is a path forward. 

There is a protocol to follow. 

We can focus on improving performance and productivity. We can move toward more open, equitable, and sustainable outcomes. 

But first, we must overcome our fears. 

It takes a conversation to start. But not just any conversation. 

A conversation focused on thinking differently, behaving differently, and doing our work together differently. 

That’s #strategicdoing

It’s a set of open-source skills to design and guide “innovating networks.” 

Learn the skills. 

Practice the skills. 

Master the skills.